Recent Clients Include:

  • Waitr
  • Seven Three Distilling
  • Swisher Sweets
  • E&J Brandy
  • Seed
  • William Hart Elementary
  • Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar
  • New Orleans Lawn & Tennis Club
  • 008 Magazine

About Andre' LaFleur

I am a professional photographer based in New Orleans, LA. I specialize in food photography, food styling,  as well as product, editorial and commercial photography. I also do some portrait and event photography and enjoy the chance to do something different from my daily work. I will always consider a job that doesn't exactly fit my niche. It's fun to do something different every now and then.

Developing an early interest in art and photography, I feel that I bring a natural sense of style, color, and composition to all of my work. I have a keen eye and everything that I put into frame has a purpose. I utilize composition and lighting techniques I have learned over the years to highlight features that stand out and like to keep my colors bright and true.

I have an ability to make food shine with my meticulous use of light and shadow to accentuate the wonderful textures found in food. For five years, I worked professionally as a chef before taking on a career in photography. While working in the restaurant industry I gained comfort with food, the cooking process, and the people who create food. I find this experience gives me a unique insight into what makes food look great.

Photography has quickly become my absolute favorite career out of all of the things I've done in life. I have a blast on set and it shows in my work. Clients always say I clearly love what I do. I enjoy facing the many challenges photography brings to me and I love stepping outside of my norm to evolve as a photographer.


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